Day 20: Gas, debt, cable, pets… what else?

This is part of our 31 day series to creating a first home budget. To get caught up, check out the previous posts, starting with Day 1.  Download a Home budget worksheet or edit your own copy via google drive.

We’ve gone through every expense line item on our family budget (posted here). There have probably been a few buckets that you don’t need – and, more than likely, a few that you need to add.

Hopefully, if you did a thorough autopsy of your historical spending (details here), you’ve caught most of your expenses. Here’s my best guess at things you might need to add:

Gas (and any other utilities you might use – fuel for vehicles was covered here)

Debt (car loans, student loans, credit cards, etc.) List each one separately.

Cable, Netflix, Amazon Prime (and any other entertainment or services you might subscribe to… newspapers, magazines, membership dues for clubs or associations)

dogsPets Once upon a time, we had two dogs. I treated pet expenses like an annual expense. Estimate your annual costs of food, meds, vet visits, etc. Divide by 12 and set that amount aside monthly. Spend from that ‘account’ as you need.  Check out Chelsey Kilzer’s sweet infographic for some estimates if you haven’t been keeping track of BooBoo and Muffy’s costs.

Adding your income to the budget is next!

What did I miss? What other expenses should people remember to add?

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